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Land Use Consultants
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  Craig Lawson Land Use ConsultantsCraig Lawson & Co., LLC is a land use consulting firm based in West Los Angeles providing real estate project entitlements and zoning services, pre-development feasibility analysis government/community relations, and expert witness services.

Established in 1999, Craig Lawson & Co., specializes in due diligence, research and project feasibility analysis, zoning and land use entitlement, land use application preparation, and management of the entitlement, public hearing, and development permitting process. Professional services include government and community relations, zone variances, and conditional use permits, project appeals and responses to permit enforcement actions, project team selection and coordination, project timelines and fee estimates, and expert witness/litigation support.

We specialize in: understanding complex projects, reviewing land-use issues and zoning constraints, preparing precise project descriptions, contacting key public officials and government agency staff, identifying the appropriate entitlement process, preparing detailed application packages, filing and processing land-use Craig Lawson Zoning and Permits applications, monitoring public input and staff reports, and representing client interests at hearings, and negotiating conditions of approval. We also assist our clients by suggesting appropriate technical experts and project team members, preparing project timelines and budgets, and providing regular status reports and task lists to the project team.
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