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Assistant Project Manager

Job Description

Firm Description
Established in 1999, Craig Lawson & Co., LLC (CLC) is a land use consulting firm offering a full range of real estate development project entitlement and zoning services, including zoning research, land use analysis, project team selection and coordination, application preparation and processing, and representation at public hearings. Based in West Los Angeles, CLC draws from a professional staff of 14 employees committed to providing quality services to the real estate development community, public agencies, and non-profit organizations. Over the last nineteen years, CLC has achieved a very high success rate in the approval of land use entitlement applications for complex high-rise, mixed-use, residential, commercial, retail, industrial, institutional, non-profit, and governmental projects. Some of our better-known projects include the Metropolis Mega-Project fronting the Harbor Freeway in Downtown LA, One Santa Fe in the Arts District, the Circa Towers across from Staples Center, and the Emerson College Los Angeles Campus in Hollywood.

The firm’s focus and most of its experience is in working with the City of Los Angeles, however we have worked on entitlement efforts in a range of jurisdictions around Southern California (such as Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Culver City, etc.). Within the Los Angeles planning and development community, CLC is trusted as an authoritative source and effective advocate.

What You’ll Do

  • Conduct initial research on a project site. Review zoning and land use constraints to a comprehensive degree. Determine the extent of what can be built on a given site. If applicable, review conceptual architectural design plans against the zoning constraints.
  • Collaborate with the project team on the design of the project, ensuring that it is consistent with zoning constraints, applicable design guidelines/criteria, and advising on entitlement options.
  • Meet with staff from the applicable Council Office, the Department of City Planning, and other public agencies to discuss the proposed projects and respond to initial comments.
  • Participate in meetings with key stakeholders, community leaders and neighborhood council members. Work with client’s community relations coordinator to define the project and provide public information.
  • Prepare and submit detailed project entitlements applications, including the assembly of various exhibits. Prepare written arguments and proposed findings in support of the project and to demonstrate how it is consistent with City Planning goals and objectives.
  • Assist in managing the project through the entitlement process. Maintain regular communication with reviewing City staff and project team members and provide updates where needed.

How You’ll Grow
  • You will have the chance to work on some of LA’s most complex and transformative projects.
  • You will further develop your project management and professional writing skills.
  • You will get to work in a small, collegial office environment where all employees know one another and collaborate on projects.
  • You will draw upon your colleagues’ range of specialized skills, providing rich insights for whatever project you have at hand.
  • You will gain an intimate understanding of how development projects truly interact with the public planning and entitlement process.
  • You will cultivate a strong perspective on how the Southern California development landscape is evolving, as prospective projects arrive at this office well ahead of becoming public.
  • You will have the opportunity to get to know a great number of industry actors, through projects and through participation in networking and professional development events.

Required Experience / Skills / Education

Who You Are
  • You have a keen interest in urban development, land use planning, and the real estate industry. You have an eagerness to learn more about how the public and private sectors interact in this space.
  • You have strong project management skills, including the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. You can successfully interact with and manage project teams, including clients, architects, environmental consultants, civil engineers, and others.
  • You have highly developed writing skills. The job requires you to make arguments on behalf of your projects, and to convey clearly (orally and in writing) both to the project team, community stakeholders, and City Staff about issues regarding your project.
  • You are comfortable representing the firm and its clients both at public hearings and meetings, community meetings, and at business networking events.
  • You are well organized, manage your time well, and are comfortable entering billable time in a time tracking system.
  • You have completed a 4-year undergraduate degree. Preferably, you have also completed a Masters Degree in Urban Planning, Public Policy, Business Administration or a similar field.

Application Instructions

Please send statements of interests and resumés to:

Terry Peters, Administrative Director
(310) 838-2400 x105

3221 Hutchison Avenue, Suite D . Los Angeles, California 90034 Phone: 310-838-2400 . Fax: 310-838-2424